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InScribe Christian Writer's Fellowship

The links below came from InScribe Christian Writer's Fellowship found at

You may like to visit the site and perhaps even join.

Unless someone advertises themselves as a mentor, finding one involves developing a relationship. Get to know other writers.

Join aith either a general membership or one that fits your preferred genre.

Also try a small group setting. (InScribe has several.) If you are looking for a mentor, this might be the best place to find one. If you want to mentor someone else, a group gives opportunity for you to get to know each other.

Blogs and chat rooms do not offer a face-to-face relationship, but you might meet someone through these online resources that will be interested in a mentoring relationship. InScribe has online critique groups reporting success as they mentor one another.

To find someone who offers mentoring for a fee, check out the links below to individual writer's sites.

Also, you can be mentored by keeping up with the latest information about the craft and the industry. Check out the websites for writers listed on this page.

NETWORKING (Click here to contact InScribe Members)

Blogs: getting started

To Think About

Some countries do not allow feeds from anything with the word "blog" in them, so consider this if you want your blog to go everywhere in the world.

"I fail to see how most writers actually enhance their careers by blogging. Blogs by experts about current events make more sense, because they're commentary by people who have proven expertise in writing about those topics. Most blogs, however, are mental and emotional incontinence. People who claim to be writers should spend more time pitching stories and proposals than venting their thoughts. I would blog only in conjunction with having a book on the market." —Anonymous (From July 2007 Writers Digest newsletter)

Hit counters to put on your blog

Increase traffic to your blog

  • Visiting the blogs of others. Leave your blog URL. If you leave a good comment, the blog owner and others who comment are likely to drop over to visit you. If they like what they see, they may keep on returning.

Ads on your blog?

  • BlogAds - Select ads here, or reverse the process and put your ad on influential blogs. Only ads that you approve.
  • BloggingAds - uses Paypal
  • Blogsvertise - pays in Paypal per task/blog entry, for writing / talking about / mentioning their website in your blog
  • Crispads - bloggers target the ads because you best know your content.
  • Google ads - Pick the style of ads you want and paste the code into your blog template. Google's Adsense crawls the web and chooses content-appropriate ads for your blog. If you are writing about butterflies or yaks, the ads posted will suit your topic. You are credited on a per-hit basis and paid after you've reached the $100 level in your account.
  • PayPerPost - another place to find ads for your blog.
  • Problogger - lots of information about earning money from a blog.

Other Tips

  • Blogspot and others allow you to postdate an entry. After you write your post, click on "post options" beside the box to put in tags. Enter the date and time you want it to appear in the blog. For example, enter 10/21/08 || 6:00 P.M. which will publish it on October 21, 2008 at 6:00 p.m. Then click on 'Publish' and you will see an orange message on the 'edit' screen saying that your post is scheduled and will be published on the date and at the time you have selected. However, DO NOT SAVE YOUR POST AS A DRAFT because it will just stay there. Also pay attention to your dates. If you write them 10/21/08, it may reverse them to 21/10/98.

BLOGS by and for WRITERS (top)


  • Guide to Literary Agents - Editor of this annual volume, Chuck Sambuchino, offers the latest news and views on literary agents.
  • Poetic Asides - Published poets Nancy Breen and Robert Lee Brewer blog on issues affecting poets from the poet's perspective. As the editors of Poet's Market and Writer's Market respectively, Breen and Brewer also share insights on the publishing industry, especially as it relates to poetry.
  • Questions & Quandaries - Don't know the difference between "who" and "whom"? Facing an ethical dilemma about accepting gifts from subjects? Let Brian A. Klems answer your grammatical, ethical, business and writing-related questions.
  • This Writer's Life - "Writer's Life" columnist Kevin Alexander gives his witty take on starting a writing career, posted weekly.
  • The Writer's Perspective - WD Editor Maria Schneider writes a blog dedicated to the publishing industry and other writing-related news, writing essentials, links of interest and commentaries on the industry's hottest topics.

Writing Forums, Lists, Chats (top)

  • Alt.usage.english - newsgroup
  • Analog Science Fiction - Chats with authors, twice a month
  • Burry Man Writers Center
  • Christian Bookshelf - Message board where authors and readers connect, various books are discussed, etc.
  • Christian Market Listserv - "a forum for networking and discussing issues related to publishing and marketing in the Christian marketplace."
  • Christian Writers Workshop Join here and chat in iUniverse chat room
  • Community Live Journal - to help members finish their novels.
  • Creative Pen - Yahoo group for serious writers
  • Crime Writers - a Yahoo group with nearly 700 members who chat about writing crime fiction.
  • Critique Circle - An online workshop for writers of all genres to receive feedback on their work, about 7-10 critiques per manuscript. Also includes tools for manuscript progress, submission tracking, character generation and more.
  • Critters - an on-line workshop/critique group for serious writers of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. You get your work critiqued in exchange for critiquing the work of others
  • Dancing Word Writers Network
  • Dedicated Author - lists opportunities, contests & jobs for writers
  • Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers - a place to meet readers and writers and discuss the latest and greatest fiction that inspires.
  • Faith In Fiction discussion board
  • Faith Writers
  • Fellowship of Christian Writers - listserv, free but must apply, "vision is to provide mentoring and instruction; share skills; offer kindly criticism; supply information on markets, contests, conferences and other areas of interest...; share prayer needs; and to be inspired and encouraged by fellow writers. Our desire is that our written words always reflect Christ and glorify God."
  • Fiction Factor Forum
  • Forward Motion - free forums, workshops and more
  • For Writers - forums, references, markets, groups, conferences, author sites, agents.
  • Freelance Writing - several forums listed
  • Hobgoblin - Sci-Fi, fantasy
  • Jewish Writers - This site will connect Jewish writers with other Jewish writers and give help with navigating today’s market.
  • LitDotOrg - a place to publish and discuss stories, poetry and classics
  • Mss Editing - groups List of groups, includes forums & chats
  • Drew Marshall - Canadian spiritual talk back program.
  • Muslim Writers Society - Place for Muslim writers to post their work, get market information and participate in a chat offered each Sunday open to up-and-coming authors, famous writers and other writing industry professionals (moderated to allow attendees to get the most information).
  • My Writer's Circle - review boards for prose, poetry and scriptwriting, general advice boards, writers resources, a chat room and even a coffee shop (for off-topic conversation), a place that supports writers of all levels.
  • The Next Big Writer - a variety of services including has a forum where writers can post their work and get feedback from other writers. Must be a member; some services are free, others require a fee.
  • Novelspot - “If books were people, they’d mingle at Novelspot.” Site features interviews, tips for writers of action-adventure, fantasy, historical fiction, romance and sci-fi. (Note: some adult content). Also posts calls for submissions.
  • Omnichat Book Chat - various genre chats
  • Online Guide to Writing in Canada - featuring a comprehensive a-z listing of Canadian authors as well as resources and a forum.
  • Romance Central
  • Romance Club Message Boards - for romance writers
  • Speculative Vision, Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Story Circle Network. For women with stories to tell, has a newsletter.
  • Toasted-Cheese - site withe feedback and information about issues that affect writers, also contests, forums, chats, encouragement to polish your writing.
  • Today’s Woman Writing Community - offers peer-to-peer feedback, a weekly contest, you own personal page (with photo option) and blog. Men are welcome but no one under 18.
  • WIN - groups Online and real world critique groups
  • WordTrip - family-friendly forums to discuss all genres with other members. Children can use Word Trip Junior.
  • The Writer's Almanac. Radio, poetry & history.
  • Writers BBS
  • The Writing Bridge - requires membership application, has large number of forums, also writing prompts and critique sections.
  • The Writer's Chatroom - site has Celebrity Sundays, where new authors, famous writers and other writing industry professionals stop by and chat online (chats are moderated).
  • Writers' Dock - an international resource site with forums, discussions, various groups, all with help, encouragement and advice for writers.
  • Writers Net Discussion Forums
  • Writers Remember - group that focuses on reigniting creativity, encouraging those burning out. Has forums, resources, an e-zine/newsletter, and a warning section to help you avoid writing scams.
  • Writers Write Forums
  • iVillage - chat about books, etc.
  • Table Talk
  • UPOD - Web group for working journalists.
  • Wordplay - for beginning and established screenwriters.

Websites of other writers (top) (Click here to contact InScribe Members)

Websites for Writers (top)

Christian Book Publisher - kill first link - now more complete

Sorry Gerri. I should have given you all of this before.

Canadian Christian Book Publisher


Word Alive Press offers you…

Creating an opportunity for you to share your heart and words with others—this is what Word Alive Press has been doing for Christian writers across Canada for the past seven years. Word Alive Press is the only Canadian Christian book publishing company that can offer you everything you need to successfully publish, market and distribute your book throughout Canada. We can supply all of your publishing needs in one place!



Word Alive Press
131 Cordite Rd
Winnipeg, MB R3W 1S1

Phone: 1-866-967-3782 ext.203

Fax: 1-800-352-9272


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Alive Communications, Inc. - Literary Agency

I came across this website and thought it may be of interest to any
Christian authors who may be looking for representation.

Grace & peace,
Susan G. Acheson

ChristianWritersCanada_Newsletter" provides an opportunity for sharing, asking questions and connecting Christians working and ministering as writers, editors and publishers in Canada. Members include AD sales staff, editors, graphic designers, pastors, printers, publishers, speakers, teachers and writers.

Our ChristianWritersCanada_Newsletter volunteer moderator has a passion to see God honoured and praised through writing in Canada.

Our moderator is:

Gerri Maynard, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Leveraging Technology for Ministry

Leveraging Technology for Ministry

I recently came across some interesting statistics with regard to the Church and the use of the internet. The resource stated that in 1998, 17 percent of churches reported having web sites but today, that number is 44 percent. Another interesting data point is that seventy-four percent of all church attenders nationwide are in churches with a web site. This tells me that while only 44 percent of the churches have web sites (which I still find surprising), those churches with web sites are attended by 3 out of every 4 persons attending church anywhere.

At my church (, the leadership has consistently tried to leverage the power of the internet and they're still learning new ways to reach people for Christ. They've been through some major transitions over the past 12 months with some incredible results.

One area where they've matured by leaps and bounds is in the use of video on the web. A year ago while still meeting in a local high school, we were diligent to video tape each teaching service with a member's camcorder then post that video onto our web site using the services of Google Video. Almost every new visitor to our church checked us out online before they came in person and one of the more popular areas on our site was our sermons area.

In February of '08 we moved into our new building and soon decided to take the video to the next level. The leadership embraces the one church/multiple sites philosophy, so they launched another campus on the other side of town and turned to the internet to broadcast the teaching from the main campus to this satellite campus meeting in an elementary school. Since they relied on the internet broadcast to the satellite campus, the leadership decided to also offer the services live on the internet to anyone interested in attending. We started by simply embedding the video stream onto one of our web site pages.

One thing led to another and the church leadership decided that they would make the internet site into a full-blown web campus. The church hired a full-time "web pastor" and focused on making the live web service a more interactive, rewarding experience for those attending online.

The church employed the recently developed services of to create an interactive online experience. provided with several tools such as push technology to update the site dynamically during the service, member and guest chat, integrated sermon notes and most recently a dynamic map to show where guests are attending from. also invested in an improved high speed dedicated internet connection, a high quality video camera, a video switch, a separate mixer board for the internet sound and the talents of several volunteers.

The results have been amazing! The online experience has dramatically improved while the total church attendance has more than quadrupled over the past 10 months. While moving into the new building was a major boost to the church's growth, I feel that the leadership's attempts to embrace and leverage technology has also helped dramatically.

Micro-Blogging has Arrived

We've recently incorporated micro-blogging into your ministry web site. What's "micro-blogging"? Well it's just like blogging, only quicker and shorter. It allows your friends and ministry partners to keep up with your daily activities. Micro-blogs provide short commentaries on a person-to-person level.

Now when you visit your ministry site, the system will recognize you and prompt you for "what are you doing now?". As your members reply, your blogs and updates area will automatically be updated. It's only been in place for a day and it's dramatically increasing the activity at our church site. As the administrator, you have the option of turning the feature off if you prefer. Just go to your admin control panel and select the "Enable/Disable Features" link to turn off micro-blogging on your site. If you aren't logged in as a member on your ministry site, the tool isn't visible.

Broadcast Your Services Live over the Internet

This new system allows you to conduct your church services live over the internet. You can get more information at The system is set up with an integrated chat room, an active dynamic area on the page that automatically updates when the administrator pushes a button, and a choice of streaming video players.

The system is really cool as it lets you do things during the service like "pass the plate" to allow for online donations, you can allow guests to learn more about a worship song or even buy it online while it's playing, you can also set up the sermon notes for immediate download plus lots more. It's all built into your existing MyFlock ministry site. You'll just need to contact us to set up the streaming server account.

This new service is found under "streaming services" on your admin control panel and will be free for a limited time. Contact us at to begin broadcasting your services live.

Native Domains We've made some changes that will allow your domain name to remain in the browser address bar when anyone visits your site. In the past there were some drawbacks with member logins that prevented us from setting up your domain to remain in the address bar of your site. Our technical folks have upgraded the system to now be able to handle domain names natively without compromising the member login information. So now when you type "" in the address bar, it will take you to the site without redirecting the URL. We're in the process of updating each domain name starting with the beginning of the alphabet. We've got hundreds of domains and we've made it through the A's and B's so far. We hope finish updating all the domain records within a few weeks, although if you can't wait, send an email to and we'll update yours right away.

Multi-media Cover Flow Vault We've completely remodeled both the admin portion where you upload your sermons and media, as well as the area where guests choose and download notes, videos and audio messages. We've implemented a new "cover flow" tool for selecting and downloading your media. Every media item now comes with an automated cover flow artwork and/or you can upload your own custom artwork for each media item.

Streaming Services With some cameras, computer and a streaming server provider, you can now stream your services live over the internet. Check it out, there's lots of tools to create a great environment for streaming your video services live on the internet. We've also added a new automated page to your site manager called "Streaming Services" that will allow visitors to participate in your service online.

Featured Products: 92% of your teens are going online. With you will have an edgy, powerful web-site for your youth group. You can provide a safe place that your teens will love, Interactive Web-site and your churche's online community: With MyFlock you will have a professionally designed web site that will connect your members with one another. You'll also have easy to use online tools that will allow you and your staff to manage your site and church.

To subscribe to this newsletter, you can sign up at

Fwd: Fwd: [EzineArticles Training] WYSIWYG Article Submission Editor Tips Training Series: An Introduction to Article Writing

Generally, most people will write their article outside of
and then copy and paste the article content into the submission

The What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG)Editor can
assist you in your article production.

Article Content Creation in MS Word:

 * Tip: If you primarily create your article content
  in MS Word, turn the editor on and click the
  "Paste from Word" symbol on the tool bar.  Please
  remember to disable MS Word Smart-tags before you
  copy and paste as they are not compatible with the
  WYSIWYG editor. Now you can use the tool bar to add
  font attributes and more.

Article Content Creation in a True Text Editor:

 * Tip: If you primarily create your article content
  in a true text editor, such as Edit Plus, Ultra
  Edit, Notetab or Notepad, turn the editor on and
  click the "Paste as Plain Text" symbol on the tool
  bar.  Now, you can simply cut and paste your article
  content and use the editor tools to add font
  attributes and more.

Some authors prefer to use the "Submit an Article"
submission interface and type in their article content:

WYSIWYG Editor On:

 * Tip: By turning on the WYSIWYG Editor, your article
  content will be displayed exactly how you typed it.
  You can use the tool bar to create font attributes,
  bulleted or numbered lists, spell-check and more.

WYSIWYG Editor Off:

 * Tip: By turning off the WYSIWYG Editor, you will
  need to use only the allowable HTML tags to type in
  your content.  You can see how your article will be
  displayed, by using the "Preview Article" feature
  near the bottom of the submission interface page.

Here are some tips to help you get your article approved more quickly:

 * Do not send in HTML image tags, JavaScript or
  Tables in the body of your article and please make
  sure the allowed HTML tags are formatted correctly.

Your word count is displayed and your article submission is auto-saved
as a
draft every 2 minutes.

The next edition of the EzineArticles Training Series: An Introduction
Article Writing and Marketing will give the top tips for beating

Ready to submit your next set of quality original articles?

To Your Article Writing & Marketing Success!
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Fwd: Fwd: [EzineArticles Training] Create Your Content and Beat Writers Block: Top 7 Tips Training Series: An Introduction to Article Writing

Here are some helpful tips to help you source content for new

1. Old Ezine Articles:  This includes your archives
  for articles that you have sent your ezine from
  the past 10+ years.  If you've created multiple
  articles for each email newsletter issue, we
  recommend that you break your old ezine articles
  into single article chunks rather than multi-
  topic articles. If you have large ezine
  articles from your email newsletter archive,
  consider breaking them down into 250-300 word
  chunks rather than 1,000-3,000 word articles.

2. Old Original Forum Posts:  If you've been on the
  internet for some time, there is a good chance
  you belong to a few forums that you might call
  yourself a "resident expert" on.  All of your
  old forum posts that are greater than 250 words
  in length will make great new articles that you
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3. Old Blog Posts:  The whole point of blogging,
  besides posting frequently, is that you can
  easily syndicate your blog for others to read
  via the RSS reader of their choice.  Because of
  the syndication orientation of blogging, your
  blog posts that read greater than 250 words make
  great articles that you can slap on a longer
  title, add a resource box that pitches your blog
  website and put a fast 250+ articles into
  immediate distribution.

4. Out of Date Books:  Are you the author of a book
  no longer in print? If you own the copyrights to
  it, this is an excellent place to create
  hundreds of quality articles with just a short
  period of editing.

5. Current e-Books:  Take 10%-20% of your hottest
  selling ebooks and flip into articles designed
  to entice your reader into wanting the complete
  ebook.  You still need to deliver real content
  value here and not get skimpy or tease them with
  "what they could learn if they bought your
  ebook."  Keep the articles short, with
  bulleted or small numbered lists.

6. Top 10 or Top 7 Articles:  Everyone likes
  content they can read very fast.  Why not create
  top 10 lists (or any number of "Top" things)
  related to your niche area of expertise.  To
  begin, just create a headline such as "Top 7
  Leaders Strategies For Newbie Managers" and
  then number the list from 1-7. Come up with a
  sub-headline for each tip and then do (1)
  paragraph describing the tip. You'll find these
  are easy to produce and crank out 5-10 of them
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7. Keyword Research: Google Suggest
  or any keyword research tool can discover topics
  that people are currently searching for that are
  related to your expertise. Use this as a
  springboard to launch another 25 articles that
  are 250-450 words, each related to answering or
  providing short tips on how to solve or get more
  out of the keywords they searched for.

  Example: "Yoga" when entered into Google Suggest
  tells me that I should write articles about
  "Yoga Journals or Journaling" and about proper
  form or different types of "Yoga Poses."

The next edition of the EzineArticles Training Series: An Introduction
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Fwd: Fwd: [EzineArticles Training] Article Publishers: What Are They Looking For?

Here is the next edition of the Training Series:

An Introduction to Article Writing and Marketing.

Here are the top 5 factors ezine publishers look for when deciding
articles to publish:

1. Does the article have zero self-serving links in the article body?

  Loading up the body of your article with affiliate
  links or other obvious self-serving links is a
  liability and will keep your article from ever
  seeing top results.

2. Does the article have no more than 2 self-serving links in the

  Your resource box at the bottom of your article
  should be short and to the point.  It should
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3. Is the article within 250-700 words?

  Readers want instant gratification from your
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4. Does the article deliver quality, original content with numbered
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  Key Point:  Make sure your articles are 100%
  original content.  Anything less is considered
  an insult.

5. Is the article's author well recognized or respected within their

  Ezine publishers have an ego just like you. They
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  greater the chances you'll find your articles
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The next edition of the EzineArticles Training Series: An Introduction
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production in less time by writing article sets.

Ready to submit your next set of quality original articles?

To Your Article Writing & Marketing Success!
- The

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