Monday, February 9, 2009

How to log into Yahoo! Groups - Christian Moderators

Hi Beth and ministry partners:

If you would like members of your forum/e-newsletter to have access to
Yahoo! Group features, have them log into Yahoo! Groups to syncronize
their e-mail address with their Yahoo! Groups account.

Your members need to go to your home page and add the word "join" to
the URL as follows:

1. CanadianChristiansinMedia (Beth)

2. CanadianPerformingArtsMinistry_Newsletter (Susan)

3. ChristianRadioCanada_News (Beth)

4. ChristianWritersCanada_Newsletter (Gerri)

5. FilmandVideoMinistryCanada_Newsletter (Sam)

6. MusicMinistryCanada_Newsletter (Laurie)

7. NewMediaMinistry_Newsletter (Charles)

8. PublishingMinistryCanada_Newsletter (Bob)

In Service for Jesus,

David Spencer

In, "Beth Warden"
bwarden@...> wrote:
Hi all! I thought I'd just share an experience I had tonight with
setting up two new items in the "database" part of the yahoo group

I decided to start off the member directory by setting up a database
for it, allowing members to log on and add their own details.

In addition, I started up another database for any broadcasters to
list programs that other stations could air as well.

Since posting that new "our group is growing" e-mail to all the
members with an invitation to them to add their details, it turns out
that many of the members don't know for sure how to log into yahoo to
access the group site! They've been members for years, but it's been
with e-mails going back and forth to their inbox, rather than them
signing into yahoo to actually go into the group site.

Thinking back, it's very understandable how there could be members who
didn't log in to sign up for the group. I've added members by just
typing in their e-mail addresses. It's a learning curve.

Tomorrow I'll send out an e-mail just asking folks to send me their
details, and I'll compile the directory and other database in another
program and e-mail it to those interested.

Hopefully my experience will help with your group too!

Have a great night!


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